Plant Pests


Pests can cause various problems in our plants, both in agricultural environments and in gardens or home crops. Some of the problems that pests can cause in plants are:

  1. Direct damage to plants: Pests can feed directly on the leaves, stems, flowers, or fruits of plants, resulting in physical damage. They can chew the leaves, pierce the stems or feed on the tissues of the plants, weakening them and affecting their growth and development.

  2. Disease transmission: Some pests, such as sucking insects, can transmit diseases from one plant to another. These diseases can weaken or even kill affected plants. Viruses, bacteria, and fungi can be carried by pests and spread rapidly through plant populations.

  3. Yield reduction: Pests can affect crop yields by damaging plant parts that are responsible for fruit or flower production. For example, insects that feed on the fruits can cause them to deform or drop prematurely, resulting in a decreased yield.

  4. Weakening of plants: Pests can significantly weaken plants by depleting their nutritional resources. By feeding on the leaves, the pests reduce the ability of the plant to carry out photosynthesis and obtain the necessary nutrients for its growth and survival.

  5. Economic Impact: Pests can have a significant economic impact, especially in agriculture. The loss of crops and the decrease in the quality of the products can cause economic losses for farmers and food producers.

It is important to take preventive measures to avoid the appearance of pests 

How to make a homemade insecticide

Homemade insecticide for any type of pest in your plants, home made in 5 minutes and with results in two days, mealybug red mealybug aphid white spider white fly etc.


In a 5-liter container, place a liter and a half of water and a tablespoon of coffee, 2 tablespoons of neutral PH soap (each tablespoon is 15 ML), five tablespoons of vinegar, then close the jar and shake well until foamy. .

The soap kills and drives insects away from the plants.

The coffee acts as a repellent so that the insects do not settle on the plants again.

The vinegar finishes eliminating the pests and prevents them from coming back.

Once mixed well, it is allowed to rest for 5 minutes and poured over the sprayer,

Apply this powerful insecticide every three days at sunset